Our Rooms

Judith’s Room

Judith's Room at Oak Street Station

Located on the main floor of the inn, this is where you can awake to the aroma of coffee and baking bread.  Judith’s room has a queen-size bed and a full closet.  It’s decorated in gold tones, and accented by the work of a local artist. You’ll enjoy a large, easy-access shower in the newly remodeled private bathroom.  $195 plus 11.8% room tax.   Check Availability

oak_st_station_007Elaine’s Room

Overlooking the garden at the front of the house, this upstairs room welcomes the summer sunrises.  You can request a king-size bed or two twin beds to be ready for your arrival.  Private bathroom.  $190 plus 11.8% room tax. Check Availability

oak_st_station_040Patricia’s Room

Cozy and cheerful, and done in a neutral palate, this room receives the morning light.  The glass bathroom door is etched with flowers.  Patricia is a small room, with a queen-size bed and built-in wardrobe.  Private bathroom.  $160 plus 11.8% room tax. Check Availability

Christina’s Room

Christina’s Room

This room is decorated in terra cotta tones, featuring heirloom needlework.  Christina contains a queen-size bed and built in wardrobe.  Private bathroom.  $190 plus 11.8% room tax. Check Availability

Mum's Room at Oak Street StationMum’s Room

This is a separate guest room with a double bed, and no bath.  Mum’s room may only be rented with one of the other rooms.  It pairs best with Christina’s room.   $95 plus 11.8% room tax.  Check Availability