Miss Havisham’s Tablescape

Miss Havisham’s Tablescape

The Wedding Tablescape

When Elin set Miss Havisham’s Wedding Table in honor of OSF’s Great Expectations, then it followed that some special visitors would make an appearance. Tucked beneath the tablescape’s fragrant lavender, mint and ivy is a breakfast treat. Egg mice with peppercorn eyes and chive tails have come to nibble on tiny wedges of Spanish Mangecho cheese.

Egg Mouse with Manchego Cheese

The rest of Miss Havisham’s breakfast is equally delicious. Buttery waffles with fresh berry sauce, grilled chicken sausage and early pears filled with cream cheese and sprinkled with toasted pecans. A sparkling toast of breakfast mimosas complete the menu.

Breakfast Pears

Miss Havisham’s Egg Mice

To make Egg Mice you will need peeled, hard boiled eggs, jalapeno or other small pepper, chives and a wedge of cheese.

Slice the bottom of the egg off lengthwise so the egg mouse has a firm base.

Use a paring knife to make tiny slits for the pepper ‘ears’ and peppercorn ‘eyes’

Arrange the chive ‘tail’ onto your plate

Place the egg ‘mouse’ on top part of the chive ‘tail’

Place the cheese wedge in front of the egg mouse

Serve with fresh ground salt and pepper.